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Article Cinzia Ferrini (2022)
A “Physiogony” of the Heavens: Kant’s Early View of Universal Natural History. HOPOS (pp. 261-285). (/isis/citation/CBB660584496/) unapi

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Early Greek Philosophies of Nature. (/isis/citation/CBB389454231/) unapi

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The World as a Living Entity: Essentials of a Cosmic Metaphor. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry (pp. 335-343). (/isis/citation/CBB844612075/) unapi

Book Volny FAGES (2018)
Savantes nébuleuses: L'origine du monde entre marginalité et autorité scientifique (1860-1920). (/isis/citation/CBB070584567/) unapi

Book Susan Brind Morrow (2017)
The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts. (/isis/citation/CBB003675154/) unapi

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