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Book Antonio Vallisneri; Stefano Spataro (2023)
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The Architecture of Evolution: The Science of Form in Twentieth-Century Evolutionary Biology. (/isis/citation/CBB357484390/) unapi

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What Ziegler did not provide – the embryological plate models of the laboratory of anatomist Lodewijk Bolk. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 67-78). (/isis/citation/CBB962814691/) unapi

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Establishing Sex: The Scientific Quest to Support a Controversial Binary. (/isis/citation/CBB013149328/) unapi

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Life and Death in Early Modern Philosophy. (/isis/citation/CBB596785213/) unapi

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Global Trials, Local Bodies: Negotiating Difference and Sameness in Indian For-profit Clinical Trials. Science, Technology and Human Values (pp. 882-905). (/isis/citation/CBB863654493/) unapi


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