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Article Xiaofei Wang (2022)
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Article Francisco Gómez-García; Pedro J. Herrero-Piñeyro; Antonio Linero-Bas; et al. (2021)
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Article Pierre Ageron; Hmida Hedfi (2020)
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Article Günhan Caglayan (2019)
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Article Philip Beeley (2019)
Practical Mathematicians and Mathematical Practice in Later Seventeenth-Century London. British Journal for the History of Science (pp. 225-248). (/isis/citation/CBB006065321/) unapi

Article Fabio Acerbi; Divna Manolova; Inmaculada Pérez Martín (2019)
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Article Guillaume de Vaulx D'Arcy (2019)

Article Fàtima Romero-Vallhonesta; M. Rosa Massa-Esteve (2018)
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Article Federico Raffo Quintana (2018)
Leibniz on the Requisites of an Exact Arithmetical Quadrature. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (pp. 65-73). (/isis/citation/CBB986988543/) unapi

Article Elisabetta Ulivi (2018)
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Article Rosenthal, Caitlin (April 2017)
Forum: The Paper Technologies of Capitalism -- Numbers for the Innumerate: Everyday Arithmetic and Atlantic Capitalism. Technology and Culture (pp. 529-544). (/isis/citation/CBB356393771/) unapi

Article Emmylou Haffner (2017)
Strategical Use(s) of Arithmetic in Richard Dedekind and Heinrich Weber's Theorie Der Algebraischen Funktionen Einer Veränderlichen. Historia Mathematica (pp. 31-69). (/isis/citation/CBB438218611/) unapi

Article Manuel Bertolini (2017)
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