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Book Giovanni Cerro (2024)
Tra natura e cultura. Degenerazione, eugenetica e razza in Giuseppe Sergi (1841-1936). (/isis/citation/CBB519658129/) unapi

Book Maria Grazia Sandrini (2024)
The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap. (/isis/citation/CBB140570776/) unapi

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Experiences from the past. Comparative research between hospital archive sources and human remains. Medicina Historica (pp. 1-4). (/isis/citation/CBB741987012/) unapi

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Book Leonardo Ciacci (2023)
Patrick Geddes. (/isis/citation/CBB502845517/) unapi

Book Antonio Lizzadri (2023)
Dal realismo scientifico al realismo interno. Putnam verso il pragmatismo. (/isis/citation/CBB914532866/) unapi

Article Pascale Roure (2022)
Logical empiricism in Turkish exile: Hans Reichenbach’s research and teaching activities at Istanbul University (1933–1938). Synthese (p. 265). (/isis/citation/CBB943785008/) unapi

Book William Demopoulos (2022)
On Theories: Logical Empiricism and the Methodology of Modern Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB978762409/) unapi

Book Livio Sansone (2022)
La Galassia Lombroso. (/isis/citation/CBB789501643/) unapi

Thesis Thomas Lalevee (2022)
From Perfectibility to Progress: The Search for a Science of Society in France, 1750-1850. (/isis/citation/CBB368433669/) unapi

Article Christian Damböck (2022)
The Politics of Carnap's Non-Cognitivism and the Scientific World-Conception of Left-Wing Logical Empiricism. Perspectives on Science (pp. 493-524). (/isis/citation/CBB945740654/) unapi

Article Germana Pareti (2022)
A Renewed Interest in Violet Gibson’s Mental Health. Medicina nei Secoli - Arte e Scienza. (/isis/citation/CBB875165117/) unapi

Chapter Fulvio Barbaro; Giusy Di Conza; Giulia Toscani; et al. (2022)
The masks of Lorenzo Tenchini at the University of Parma: their legacy to the modern concepts of facial transplantation, additive layer manufacturing, and facial recognition algorithms. In: Ceroplastics: The Science of Wax (pp. 311-318). (/isis/citation/CBB817952684/) unapi

Book Philipp Frank; George A. Reisch; Adam Tamas Tuboly (2021)
The Humanistic Background of Science. (/isis/citation/CBB018989729/) unapi

Article Fons Dewulf; Massimiliano Simons (2021)
Positivism in Action: The Case of Louis Rougier. HOPOS (pp. 461-487). (/isis/citation/CBB175309623/) unapi

Article María de Paz (2021)
Poincaré, Le Roy, and the Nouveau positivisme. HOPOS (pp. 446-460). (/isis/citation/CBB548441461/) unapi

Article Anastasios Brenner (2021)
How Did Philosophy of Science Come About?: From Comte’s Positive Philosophy to Abel Rey’s Absolute Positivism. HOPOS (pp. 428-445). (/isis/citation/CBB732591048/) unapi

Article Jan Faye; Rasmus Jaksland (2021)
What Bohr wanted Carnap to learn from quantum mechanics. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (pp. 110-119). (/isis/citation/CBB067212277/) unapi

Book Sebastian Lutz; Adam Tamas Tuboly (2021)
Logical Empiricism and the Physical Sciences: From Philosophy of Nature to Philosophy of Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB559565016/) unapi

Article Krist Vaesen (2021)
French Neopositivism and the Logic, Psychology, and Sociology of Scientific Discovery. HOPOS (pp. 183-200). (/isis/citation/CBB634106059/) unapi


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