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Article Pascale Roure (2022)
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On Theories: Logical Empiricism and the Methodology of Modern Physics. (/isis/citation/CBB978762409/) unapi

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From Perfectibility to Progress: The Search for a Science of Society in France, 1750-1850. (/isis/citation/CBB368433669/) unapi

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French Neopositivism and the Logic, Psychology, and Sociology of Scientific Discovery. HOPOS (pp. 183-200). (/isis/citation/CBB634106059/) unapi

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L'ingegnere del ragionamento. Eugenio Rignano, la memoria organica e la psicologia. (/isis/citation/CBB040941369/) unapi

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«Contremisce Satana». Storia di un esorcismo nella Francia del XIX secolo. (/isis/citation/CBB256909263/) unapi

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The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism. (/isis/citation/CBB416689602/) unapi

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The Place of Historiography in the Network of Logical Empiricism. Intellectual History Review (pp. 321-345). (/isis/citation/CBB496147987/) unapi

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Per una storia del moderno pensiero geografico: passaggi significativi. (/isis/citation/CBB728161832/) unapi

Book Liliana Dell'Osso; Dario Muti (2020)
L'accademia e la follia. (/isis/citation/CBB412262516/) unapi


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