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Article D. Jonathan Felt (2022)
“Truly a Distant and Dark Land”: the Rinan-Linyi Borderland in the Shuijing zhu. East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine. (/isis/citation/CBB254578806/) unapi

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Energy, history, and the humanities: against a new determinism. History and Technology (pp. 247-292). (/isis/citation/CBB868406334/) unapi

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Was physics ever deterministic? The historical basis of determinism and the image of classical physics. European Physical Journal H (p. 8). (/isis/citation/CBB256271933/) unapi

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Book Fabio Lando (2020)
Per una storia del moderno pensiero geografico: passaggi significativi. (/isis/citation/CBB728161832/) unapi

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Article Nadine Weidman (2019)
Cultural Relativism and Biological Determinism: A Problem in Historical Explanation. Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 328-331). (/isis/citation/CBB835841462/) unapi

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Hierarchy, Determinism, and Specificity in Theories of Development and Evolution. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (p. 33). (/isis/citation/CBB808879921/) unapi

Book Matthew D. Mingus (2017)
Remapping Modern Germany after National Socialism, 1945-1961. (/isis/citation/CBB671739095/) unapi


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