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Comparative anatomy

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Book Georges Cuvier; Theodore W. Pietsch (2020)
Historical Portrait of the Progress of Ichthyology/Tableau historique des progrès de l'Ichtyologie: From Its Origin to Our Own Time/depuis son origine jusqu a nos jours. (/isis/citation/CBB439200709/) unapi

Article Eglė Sakalauskaitė-Juodeikienė; Paul Eling; Stanley Finger (2020)
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Chapter Claire Crignon (2017)
How Animals May Help Us Understand Men: Thomas Willis’s Anatomy of the Brain (1664) & Two Discourses Concerning the Soules of Brutes (1672). In: Human and Animal Cognition in Early Modern Philosophy and Medicine (p. 173). (/isis/citation/CBB307773412/) unapi

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An Annotated Checklist of Mesoplodont Whale Species (Cetacea, Ziphiidae) Discovered After the Nineteenth Century. Archives of Natural History (pp. 31-42). (/isis/citation/CBB317717329/) unapi

Book Michael Tye (2016)
Tense Bees and Shell-Shocked Crabs: Are Animals Conscious?. (/isis/citation/CBB386080684/) unapi

Article Allocca, Nunzio (2016)
Mécanique des animaux. Claude Perrault e il dibattito sull’automatismo animale nella prima Académie Royale des Sciences de Paris. Physis: Rivista Intemazionale di Storia della Scienza. (/isis/citation/CBB441705341/) unapi

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Book Irmscher, Christoph (2013)
Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science. (/isis/citation/CBB001252283/) unapi

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Thesis Eichberg, Stephanie (2011)
The Human-Animal Boundary: Adding a New Perspective to the Pre-Modern History of the Nervous System. (/isis/citation/CBB001562814/) unapi


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