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Revolutions in science

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Description Term used during the period 2002-present

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Book Ian Hesketh (2022)
Imagining the Darwinian Revolution: Historical Narratives of Evolution from the Nineteenth Century to the Present. (/isis/citation/CBB117113747/) unapi

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Sensible Mathematics: The Science of Music in the Age of the Baroque. (/isis/citation/CBB226988728/) unapi

Book Andrea Strazzoni (2019)
Burchard de Volder and the Age of the Scientific Revolution. (/isis/citation/CBB530504995/) unapi

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Revolutions and Continuity in Greek Mathematics. (/isis/citation/CBB366290740/) unapi

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Book Marcin Karas (2018)
Nowy obraz świata: poglądy filozoficzne Mikołaja Kopernika. (/isis/citation/CBB366978107/) unapi

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The Chemical Revolution as Scientific, Political and Semantic Revolution. (/isis/citation/CBB809833125/) unapi

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Review of "De Revolutionibus orbium coelestium / Des révolutions des orbes célestes". Journal for the History of Astronomy. (/isis/citation/CBB102751917/) unapi


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