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Public opinion

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Article Liv Grjebine (2022)
A Darwinian Murder: The Role of the Barré-Lebiez Affair in the Diffusion of Darwinism in Nineteenth-Century France. Isis: International Review Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (pp. 689-709). (/isis/citation/CBB374593926/) unapi

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The Leak: Politics, Activists, and Loss of Trust at Brookhaven National Laboratory. (/isis/citation/CBB851930002/) unapi

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Book Henry Richard Maar III (2022)
Freeze!: The Grassroots Movement to Halt the Arms Race and End the Cold War. (/isis/citation/CBB798931618/) unapi

Book Lee McIntyre (2021)
How to Talk to a Science Denier: Conversations with Flat Earthers, Climate Deniers, and Others Who Defy Reason. (/isis/citation/CBB702116961/) unapi

Thesis Kathryn Robison (2021)
Making the Case for Space: Employing Political Communication to Set Domestic and International Policy. (/isis/citation/CBB768621071/) unapi

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Article Anja Bauer; Alexander Bogner (2020)
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Article Sean Weiss (July 2020)
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Book Eugenia Tognotti (2020)
Vaccinare i bambini tra obbligo e persuasione: Tre secoli di controversie. Il caso dell'Italia. (/isis/citation/CBB142911314/) unapi

Book Brian P. Luskey (2020)
Men is Cheap: Exposing the frauds of free labor in Civil War America. (/isis/citation/CBB381848420/) unapi

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Book Josh Berson (2019)
The Meat Question: Animals, Humans, and the Deep History of Food. (/isis/citation/CBB923625897/) unapi

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The Rise and Fall of the Segway: Lessons for the Social Adoption of Future Transportation. Transfers (pp. 27-44). (/isis/citation/CBB845139362/) unapi

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Communicating Science and Technology. Gradiva’s Books of Popularization of Science and Technology and the Portuguese Public. HOST: Journal of History of Science and Technology (pp. 110-118). (/isis/citation/CBB102733286/) unapi


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