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Article Daniel F. Mansfield (2023)
Mesopotamian square root approximation by a sequence of rectangles. British Journal for the History of Mathematics (pp. 175-188). (/isis/citation/CBB964861705/) unapi

Article Miguel Valério; Silvia Ferrara (2022)
Numeracy at the dawn of writing: Mesopotamia and beyond. Historia Mathematica (pp. 35-53). (/isis/citation/CBB694933661/) unapi

Book Irene Sibbing-Plantholt (2022)
The Image of Mesopotamian Divine Healers: Healing Goddesses and the Legitimization of Professional asûs in the Mesopotamian Medical Marketplace. (/isis/citation/CBB748308221/) unapi

Article Eduardo A. Escobar (2022)
Colour and cultural maintenance in ancient Babylonia: Contextualizing wool dye recipe BM 62788 + BM 82978. Technai, An International Journal for Ancient Science and Technology (pp. 67-84). (/isis/citation/CBB960034885/) unapi

Article John Steele (2022)
An alternative interpretation of BM 76829: astrological schemes for length of life and parts of the body. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 1-14). (/isis/citation/CBB892186098/) unapi

Article Shiyanthi Thavapalan (2022)
How to do things with fire and water. Some observations on the theory and practice of crafts in Mesopotamia. Technai, An International Journal for Ancient Science and Technology (pp. 39-66). (/isis/citation/CBB083208754/) unapi

Article Teije de Jong (2021)
A study of Babylonian planetary theory III. The planet Mercury. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 491-522). (/isis/citation/CBB229121263/) unapi

Article J. M. Steele; E. L. Meszaros (2021)
A study of Babylonian records of planetary stations. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 415-438). (/isis/citation/CBB685624061/) unapi

Article Jeanette C. Fincke; Wayne Horowitz; Eshbal Ratzon (2021)
BM 76829: A small astronomical fragment with important implications for the Late Babylonian Astronomy and the Astronomical Book of Enoch. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 349-368). (/isis/citation/CBB712539411/) unapi

Article Gennady E. Kurtik (2021)
On the Origin of the 12 Zodiac Constellation System in Ancient Mesopotamia. Journal for the History of Astronomy (pp. 53-66). (/isis/citation/CBB411597157/) unapi

Article Sebastian Fink (2021)
Vom Mittelmeer bis zum Indus: Raum, Geschwindigkeit und die Imperien Mesopotamiens. Geographia antiqua (pp. 121-132). (/isis/citation/CBB976249859/) unapi

Article Teije de Jong; Hermann Hunger (2020)
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Article Lis Brack-Bernsen (2020)
Babylonian astronomy: a new understanding of column Φ. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 605-640). (/isis/citation/CBB873091723/) unapi

Article John Steele (September 2020)
How Can We Incorporate Visual Evidence into the History of the Astral Sciences in Mesopotamia?. NTM: Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin (pp. 305-324). (/isis/citation/CBB672604826/) unapi

Article John Steele (2020)
A proto-Normal Star Almanac dating to the reign of Artaxerxes III: BM 65156. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 243-253). (/isis/citation/CBB382957253/) unapi

Article Francesca Minen (2020)
Ancient Mesopotamian views on human skin and body: a cultural–historical analysis of dermatological data from cuneiform sources. Notes and Records: The Royal Society Journal of the History of Science (pp. 119-130). (/isis/citation/CBB807723808/) unapi

Book Frances Reynolds (2020)
A Babylon Calendar Treatise: Scholars and Invaders in the Late First Millennium BC: Edited with Introduction, Commentary, and Cuneiform Texts. (/isis/citation/CBB027091149/) unapi

Book Robert Middeke-Conlin (2020)
The Making of a Scribe: Errors, Mistakes and Rounding Numbers in the Old Babylonian Kingdom of Larsa. (/isis/citation/CBB911068351/) unapi

Chapter Marta Rivaroli (2020)
'Se un bambino piange fino a tarda ora e non vuole il latte: mano di Kūbu'. La medicina dell’infanzia nell’antica Mesopotamia. In: La medicina allo specchio del sacro: Incontri e confronti tra scienza e religione (pp. 47-64). (/isis/citation/CBB715030291/) unapi

Article James Evans; Christián C. Carman (2019)
Babylonian Solar Theory on the Antikythera Mechanism. Archive for History of Exact Sciences (pp. 619-659). (/isis/citation/CBB975989293/) unapi


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