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  • Authority [Concept] Rickets
    Rickets is a condition that results in weak or soft bones in children. Symptoms include bowed legs, stunted growth, bone ...
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  • Authority [Creative Work] Compilation of Teachings on Traumatology
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  • Authority [Concept] Murder
    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human ...
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  • Authority [Concept] Gunshot wound (GSW)
    From Wikipedia 2019: A gunshot wound (GSW), also known as ballistic trauma, is a form of physical trauma sustained from ...
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  • Authority [Concept] Münchausen syndrome
    From Wikipedia 2019: Factitious disorder imposed on self, also known as Munchausen syndrome, is a factitious disorder wherein those affected ...
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  • Authority [Institution] SilverWood
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  • Authority [Institution] Rock's Mills Press
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  • Authority [Institution] Scrimgeour Yorkshire
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  • Authority [Geographic Term] Ploiești (Romania)
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  • Authority [Person] Prophet, John M., III
    Is this the same person as CBA379744159?
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  • N.B. This is a review of Salmon et al, The Aurelian Legacy, data.isisc...000100303/
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  • Full text can be found here dea.digar....201704.2.8
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  • Authority [Person] Finkelstein, Gabriel W.
    The entry on "Darwinismus" from 2001 is an essay, not a book. 12 additional items not mentioned here on ORCID
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  • The book is online, open access at: www.baruch...efault.htm keywords should include: Pasteur, Louis vitamins endocrinology sickle cell anemia cancer [submitted by K. Reeds, co-author 10-9-2018]
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  • Authority [Institution] University of Oklahoma
    One can find the faculty publications on this page: guides.ou....&p=4740265
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  • 留下来!
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  • You can find a link to the open access version of the document in the Linked Data area of the citation.
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  • The institution's website provides further information about the nature of their historical research:
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  • See a recent Q & A on this book with the Author at the Publisher's website: www.routle...osts/11973.
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