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  • 1. Introduction Karl S. Matlin, Jane Maienschein, and Manfred D. Laubichler 2. Changing Ideas about Cells as Complex Systems Jane Maienschein 3. In Search of Cell Architecture: General Cytology and Early Twentieth-Century Conceptions of Cell Organization Andrew Reynolds 4. Methodological Reflections in General Cytology in Historical Perspective Jutta Schickore 5. Cellular Pathogenesis: Virus Inclusions and Histochemistry William C. Summers 6. The Age of a Cell: Cell Aging in Cowdry’s Problems of Ageing and Beyond Lijing Jiang 7. Visualizing the Cell: Pictorial Styles and Their Epistemic Goals in General Cytology Beatrice Steinert and Kate MacCord 8. Thomas Hunt Morgan and the Role of Chromosomes in Heredity Garland E. Allen 9. Epigenetics and Beyond Jan Sapp 10. Heads and Tails: Molecular Imagination and the Lipid Bilayer, 1917–1941 Daniel Liu 11. Pictures and Parts: Representation of Form and the Epistemic Strategy of Cell Biology Karl S. Matlin 12. Observing the Living Cell: Shinya Inoué and the Reemergence of Light Microscopy Rudolf Oldenbourg 13. Enriching the Strategies for Creating Mechanistic Explanations in Biology William Bechtel 14. Updating Cowdry’s Theories: The Role of Models in Contemporary Experimental and Computational Cell Biology Fridolin Gross
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  • Authority [Person] Prophet, John M., III
    Is this the same person as CBA379744159?
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  • N.B. This is a review of Salmon et al, The Aurelian Legacy, data.isisc...000100303/
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  • Full text can be found here dea.digar....201704.2.8
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  • Authority [Person] Finkelstein, Gabriel W.
    The entry on "Darwinismus" from 2001 is an essay, not a book. 12 additional items not mentioned here on ORCID
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  • The book is online, open access at: www.baruch...efault.htm keywords should include: Pasteur, Louis vitamins endocrinology sickle cell anemia cancer [submitted by K. Reeds, co-author 10-9-2018]
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  • Authority [Institution] University of Oklahoma
    One can find the faculty publications on this page: guides.ou....&p=4740265
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  • 留下来!
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  • You can find a link to the open access version of the document in the Linked Data area of the citation.
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  • The institution's website provides further information about the nature of their historical research:
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